Thursday 27th August – Marilyn Baldwin OBE- talks to Iain Lee on the Breakfast show – UKs oldest postal scam victim is reported to be from Hertfordshire.

A 103-year-old man has been conned out of £60,000 after being bombarded with bogus catalogue offers over a 10-year period.
Leslie Jubb, a widower and dementia sufferer from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, is thought to be Britain’s oldest scam victim.

He is understood to have ended up on a so-called “suckers’ list” that enabled fraudsters from around the world to send him mail promising entry into prize draws and large cash prizes on the condition that he ordered goods from their catalogues.
The scale of his losses came to light only when he went into a care home last September while his family renovated his home.
Hertfordshire County Council, which reported the case, said: “After 10 years Leslie had a house full of incredibly overpriced products.”

His daughter Nova Jordan, 72, said she was shocked that her father, who had always been careful with money, had been scammed. “The catalogue companies used to send him prize draws saying that he’d won a plasma TV or a trip somewhere, or he’d won a lot of money,” she said.

“He was lonely after my mother passed away and it gave him something to do. I think that’s why these scammers target people who are lonely, retired or elderly.”

Trading Standards officials recently distributed a “suckers’ list” seized by the police to all local authorities. Hertfordshire County Council said it had used the list to locate and visit more than 1,000 vulnerable people across the county to offer them advice.