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Marilyn Baldwin & Mark Street (Royal Mail) about the new clause which comes into effect March 27 2017

Royal Mail statement –  We are clarifying the rules relating to prohibited scam mail
Royal Mail understands the serious impact of scam mail and we recognise our responsibility to do whatever we can to safeguard our customers from such criminal activity. We regularly review what we do to tackle it.
We already work with Trading Standards National Scams Team to identify the source of such mail and we have agreed an industry Code of Practice.
This Code of Practice commits us to address the issue of scam mail explicitly in our contracts and to share information within the industry of known scam mailings.
We would like to advise that in accordance with Clause 17 of the General Terms we intend to make the following changes:
Insertion of new clause 4.8A entitled “Scam Mail” as follows:
4.8A Scam Mail
You must not send items that contain scam mail or any other similar material, including but not limited to items or mail sent in furtherance of a fraudulent or criminal act, or which in our reasonable opinion is intended to deceive the recipient into parting with money or other assets.
For the avoidance of doubt and notwithstanding anything else herein, if we have a reasonable suspicion that an item contains material that we consider to be scam mail or any other similar material, we may open that item, delay processing, refuse delivery and/or return the items to you, at your expense.
In addition to our rights set out in paragraph two and three, we may also inform third parties of our concerns in relation to the items you have sent, including the identity of the apparent sender and what action we have taken.
Changes take effect from 27 March 2017