Pensioner responding to scam letters for over 10 years

Hi, I don’t know if you can advise me or not. However, I have come to the end of what I can do for my Mother and send this email in an effort to inform you that this heinous crime continues and that my advising you may help your campaign to put pressure on our newly elected government to stop this dreadful crime, which continues to effect those most vulnerable and least able to defend themselves. Nobody can stop this!

o explain:
My mother lives on her own and has done since my father died in 1988. She lives in a small hamlet and is 85 years old. She has 2 children, myself (57) and my sister (49); I live 85 miles away; my sister over 100 miles away.
My mother owns her house, which is her only asset, that apart, she has her old age state pension to live on, which actually, would be enough if only she’d spend it on reality.

I have tried to get her to sell the house and move to something smaller, with a warden perhaps. Actually, this could be a really bad idea, as any money made on the property would end up in the pockets of the criminal scammers.
Mother started to fall victim to scam letters 8-10 years ago, (although she’d never admit to it). 8-10 years ago she had savings, which are now long gone. At that time she spent at least £14k (probably a lot more) of her savings on replying to scam letters.

Over the past 5 years or so, she has continued to spend money on scams, often preferring to send off her money to scammers rather than eat.
Our relationship is extremely strained, as I have never hidden my contempt for these schemes and this has resulted very serious argument over a number of years.

It’s difficult to visit my mother, as her house crumbles around her, she’s skin and bone and won’t listen to reason.
My mother’s reality is now that of living in this make believe scammers world, completely believing all she reads in the scam letters.

Last week, in order to comply with the wish of one scammer, she went into her bank requesting £1M and expected the bank to give it to her! This evening, she called me to ask which ‘brand new car’ she should opt for as a choice of 2 was available, and all she had to do was send-off £19.

She also informed me that she had £2M coming next week. I advised her to forget the car choice, as with £2M she can get whatever car she wants!
I have tried talking to just about everybody I can think of; Trading Standards, Help the Aged and Citizens Advice to name but a few. Now it’s down to the doctor and social services. Social Services were to do an assessment, however, they phoned mother to say that they didn’t have enough people to carry out this service and cancelled. Of course, she was OK with this, as she doesn’t think she is being scammed, or that there’s any problem.

As I read back over this email my story seems rather insignificant. The truth is, this is the most evil and attritioning of crimes and affects those amongst us who can least afford it. These scams have all but destroyed the family’s relationship with mother.

There is an answer:
Controlling the delivery of these scams by Royal Mail would solve this problem!!!!!