Suzanne R. from the home counties

Suzanne R. from the home counties contacted Think Jessica after hearing the launch of the campaign on local radio I am a tax consultant. A few years ago it became apparent that an elderly client (In her 80’s then) was being scammed. A mercy dash of over 100 miles from the home counties to East Sussex by both myself and her Independent Financial Advisor failed to convince her that the cash would never come. I still remember vividly her tears when we arrived. When she had lived locally to me I had taken time out once every few months to have tea with her on a weekend to satify myself that all her needs were being taken care of so we had a good relationship based on trust and caring.

Meanwhile, she was getting through about £3,000 each month replying to the requests. The phone calls were becoming increasingly persistent and had her running to the post office and her bank to transfer funds more quickly than the postal system would permit. I registered both her address and telephone number in a vain attempt to reduce the volume of post and phone calls. She had no children to protect her and her wider family knew nothing or were powerless to stop her. Her health deteriorated and she is now in full time care and, thankfully, out of harms way.

Hundreds of letters were being delivered daily to her home creating an unbelievable pressure on her as she could not keep up with them and felt she was somehow letting these people down. Many were sent to the Office of Fair Trading subsequent to her going into the care home. I remain totally unaware of the action that they took to stop the people that made the life of my client in her ‘glory years’ totally miserable and very expensive.

My heart goes out to the families of all who have been affected by this cruel practice. The Money Laudering Regulations require me to notify if I “suspect” anyone of benefitting from the proceeds of crime and I have to stop acting for that individual. The Post Office should be bound by the same regulations.

Indeed, they themselves are benefitting from the proceeds action, usually based on a well concealed finding or an inappropriate course of action, surely an individual receiving copious amounts of letters, cleared marked in such a way that identifies them as scam mail, is tantamount to more than a mere suspicion.

They are, after all, also a company that deals with peoples finances and, therefore, also accountable under the Money Laundering Regulations in respect of some of their trading activities.

I hope that this helps in some way.