Barbara Anne H

My family have been struggling for just over two years now, just as you describe, over scam mail and phonecalls to my mother. Last week, before I was told of this website, I wrote, out of shear frustration, anger and desperation, a letter to the Court of Protection and to Jaqui Smith, Home Secretary, copy to all professionals involved with my mother (who have not been able to progress Power of Attorney very far over the last 8 months, and we have been warned by the fraud office that we may not get it) to ask for a special investigation to be set up to look at this sort of scam from all angles, since no-one seems to be able to act.

It would be quite easy to stop once spotted if the Royal Mail rules were
changed and the family and police were allowed to act together to stop the contact from the scams. My mother’s MP, who happens to now be Shadow Home Secretary, just said he ‘would bear it in mind’ when I said that the Law needs to be changed.

What horrifies our family is that the fraud office tells us that they know that the money goes to terrorrism and drug-dealing, which is the last thing my mother would think of supporting because she still believes she is a committed Christian although her actions no longer conform to her belief. In our experience there is utter ruthless evil behind these particular scams.

I am about to write to Help-the-Aged, who have been having a campaign against elder abuse, to ask whether there is any way it can help, not just to educate, which is not going to help in this particular type of scam with people like my mother, but to campaign for an approach as I describe above.

This is the first ’self-help’ type of facility I have come across; though I would have failed to find it searching the internet (which I had already tried), because the name has no logical connection with fraud or scams. I had begun to realise that this route is going to be very necessary in order to try to achieve any changes.

I am recently retired GP, had not come across anything like this before, and partly retired slightly early to be able to give the time and energy to try to sort my mother out- there has been a lot of work put in by my family and our solicitor, with very little to show for it because Human Rights legislation is obstructive when it comes to dealing with scams, and international law is inadequate. I agree about the attitude of Royal Mail;BT processes are rigid, but if one can find an individual to speak to they are very helpful within their rules.

Callblocker was supposed to stop the international phonecalls, but does not; I have written to them several times about how to improve the system but they do not respond. I suspect that there is bribery and fraud going on somewhere in the telecommunication network, and wrote to BT asking them to investigate, but only got a telephone call to say they would pass on my concerns – one cannot reach the managers of either BT or Royal Mail by any means.