D.H. from Derbyshire

D.H. from Derbyshire met the Think Jessica team whilst they were conducting a survey. His story, below, highlights some problems created by legitimate direct marketing mail. I am also 83 like Jessica and I have probably bought about one hundred books from Readers Digest. Probably 80% will remain unread, because I have no interest in there content.

I will continue to buy more books, because the people at Readers Digest are really friendly and I am sure I will receive a cash prize quite soon.

I know that Readers Digest is a legitimate company, so I do trust them.

I do feel stupid to have fallen for the scam letters though, I have sent off around £15,000 in fees, maybe even more.

At the time the large amounts of money I sent didn’t really bother me.

I kept thinking it will all come back to me in the end.

Since talking to the people at Think Jessica I am definitely not going to send them any more cash, I wish I could get my £15,000 back, but I understand that will never be possible,

I have also received very nasty phone calls from men with foreign accents asking for money, they threatened to harm my family if I didn’t pay up.

That doesn’t frighten me too much because I haven’t got any family.

I am thinking of buying a rotweiller , that should keep them away.

I did think at the time think I was the only one to be receiving such exciting letters and I did think I was lucky to be getting them is such large quantities.

I had no idea so many people were also getting the same sort of letters as me.

Who knows I might still get the big prize from Readers Digest. So Its not as if I haven’t got a chance.