Julia from Chesterfield

Julia from Chesterfield contacted the Think Jessica team having had a preview of our web site.

My father died on Rememberance Day 2005 aged 94yrs, he had been receiving scam mail for many months, sending cheques for £50 a time to receive his so called Lottery win from Canada, of course he never received a penny. He was also getting regular letters from Clairvoyants who claimed someone was wanting to contact him through them, send them money and they would foward the information to him, he wrote many cheques to them but never got any information.

I tried to tell him all about scam mail and people who would try and dupe older people, who are normally more trusting due to the age that they were brought up in, so made them prime targets, he would have none of it and said I was being stupid and evil minded. This is very hurtful because you are only trying to help them and pass on the knowledge we have gained from todays world. It is very sad world today that people have to pick on the older trusting generation to gain money, and I am really pleased that this campaign will help to enlighten people to these heartbreaking scams being sent to loved ones. Julia Chesterfield