Mr Rodgers

Mr Rodgers contacted Think Jessica after hearing about Jessica during a media interview.

Dear All,
My father was a victim of mail scams & bogus clairvoyants and I think the pressure finally led him to the heart attack that killed him. My father was always a proud man & careful with money and it was rather worrying therefore to see about 5yrs ago that he had started to reply to these bogus mailings promising lottery wins, cars, and other life changing events.

Myself, my brother and sister told him they were scams but he would not listen and he would just say “wait til that BMW turns up on my drive or til that cheque drops through the post”. However all that did drop through the post was increasing amounts of bogus mail and trinkets of the cheapest bracelets and watches etc. This went on for some time but he would still not listen to what we were saying, he was also replying to the bogus clairvoyants such as Stallones mum and others I care to forget. Of course each time he replied he was sending money.

One day I was over at my mum and dads and was shocked when the postman turned up. He had a bundle of letters, that many that he had them held together with a large elastic band and all of which were scam mails. I questioned my dad to see if he was still replying to this rubbish and his reply was “only the one’s I am guaranteed to win”. I could not believe my ears.

To cut a long story short my father suffered a heart attack about two years ago and after a spell in hospital died. It was not until we were clearing things up of dads at his & mums house that we realised how heavily he was in to these scams. In the loft we found plastic bag after plastic bag of scam mail, contact from clairvoyants and bags full of trinkets and crap that these scammers had sent instead of the prizes he thought he was going to win. In another bag we found a heap of cheques stubs from about 15 cheque books. On checking through the stubs and adding up what he had sent to these scammers we reckoned he had been fleeced for well over £3000 in just over two years.

If you think that most of these scam mails are asking from anything between £9.95 to £29.95 to get the so-called prize processed you can see how many he had sent. A few weeks later when the phone bill arrived we also found that he had called one of the clairvoyants on a premium rate costing approx £17 for one call.

Dad had started to worry about money before he died and we think this added to the pressure. Two years later my mum still gets the odd scam mail through with dads name on asking for money.

The trouble is mum has the onset of Alzheimers and thus left my dad to it at the time but now she thinks she should be sending them back and thinks she is going to win. Luckily I now have power of attorney and the bank is firmly closed to these scum. At the time I went to the Police and Citizens Advice but they were less than useless.

That this thing is allowed to go on in this country in the 21st century is absolutely diabolical. May be it will not be until some high ranking politician has his elderly parents ripped off that something will be done.

I hope this helps.