Mrs Lee T-P

Mrs Lee T-P, contacted the Think Jessica team having seen Think Jessica on GMTV on the day the web site was launched.

My Nan was scammed out of over £40k by these vile letters.

Like you, we tried the Police who kindly visited and spoke to her but could do little else; the Post Office who said they couldn’t do anything; Trading Standards who took the letters away but did nothing else; Social Services who simply said it was her money and she could do what she wanted with it; her GP who wasn’t even interested.

She was receiving over 50 letters at day at its peak but did not understand mail merge and other ‘new’ computer abilities which could make these letters appear so personal and real. She had bags upon bags of cheap jewellery and useless gadgets to show for her faith. She had become someone obsessed with these letters, and sent off more and more in the hope that one of them would come through. She too became distant and lost her loving personality.

We used the death of my Grandfather to get her to sign and have her post redirected and told her she had to sign it to help with ‘arrangements’. It is not easy lying to your Nan and heartbreaking to see a women who was so intelligent in her day being taken in by conmen.

Sadly her Alzeimers became worse following my Grandfather’s death and she is now in a home. One small mercy of this is that she is finally away from the letters that had taken over her life.

Is there anyway you can start a petition to force Royal Mail to stop delivering these items? What about the cost to the Government of having to provide state care to these elderly people who have spent all their savings on scams? I expect this counteracts some of the money Royal Mail will loose. Is there anyway you can petition to take away the ‘Royal’ of Royal Mail, given that it seems to be the Queen’s generation who are being targetted while they do nothing about it.

My family would be more than happy to add our name to your campaign – keep going as maybe the old folk who see it on the telly, will realise what is happening and not be taken in.

Well done for getting something started.