The charity committed to protecting elderly and vulnerable people from fraud

Think Jessica the Film – hard hitting documentary/drama based on the true stories of Jessica and other victims. Narrated by Martin Lewis (MoneySavingExpert).

People who are on mailing lists, and categorised as being internet-less, have now become the preferred targets of postal and telephone fraudsters. These people are, primarily, the elderly, and those who live alone or are vulnerable in some way.

Think Jessica produces booklets, leaflets and other material. These are aimed at informing those who are unable to research online, to help them understand the different types of scams, and the tricks scammers use. Our materials are also designed to give them the confidence to know how to make a report, and, especially, where to go to find help.

Doorstep criminals know what to look for when they are trolling the streets looking for pensioners, and other potential victims, to rob. These crooks are expert at spotting indicators such as grab rails, ramps and other tell-tale signs.

The Think Jessica charity has built up strong partnerships with many other organisations fighting against scammers, particularly when involving vulnerable and older people. These include the National Trading Standards Scams Team, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and Action Fraud, as well as local police forces, councils and other national agencies and organisations. Many of them are available for you to access in order to find help and support.

Please read Jessica’s story. There are countless thousands of ‘silent’ victims like Jessica reading scam letters and talking to criminals over the phone every day.

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Please continue to navigate this site and become ‘scam smart’. And remember to pass on Jessica’s story, and the knowledge you glean to others.